Working for REED to Support NHS Blood and Transplant

REED Talent Solutions are working in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant to recruit for Donor Carers across England. These Donor Carers will play a vital role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Working as a Donor Carer

You’ll enjoy plenty of variety in your work

We’re recruiting Donor Carers across England, where there will be hundreds of job vacancies available.

Bringing our values to life

Our staff do an amazing job. Watch them in action.

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Coronavirus. help us fight back

If you’ve got customer service skills, and not squeamish about being trained to insert a needle and collect blood, you could be part of our team of potential life-savers.

No experience is necessary. NHS Blood & Transplant will provide a four-week training course, with a mix of virtual classrooms and practical learning, including how to collect Blood and Plasma from a Donor. This is your opportunity to learn new skills and play a valuable role in helping to defeat the pandemic.

NHS Blood receive over 2 million blood donations a year, but you don’t need a medical background or any qualifications to help us get them. We just need your friendly, flexible approach to make our volunteer donors feel welcome, at ease and valued.

Our service helps many people in need, including:

Transfusion patients – for example those with cancer or anaemia, as well as those who lose blood through surgery or childbirth

Transplant patients – we provide on-going support for donors and their families, and are working to increase donations to meet patient demand

Global aid - our international service brings our experience and expertise to countries around the world

“I’ve been given lots of learning opportunities since I have been here.”

Jayne Globe
Donor Carer

Three small words, one big difference – Caring, Expert and Quality.
Together we’ll save and improve more lives than ever